About Lord Finn

Daniel Finley, the free-spirited son of a Native American tribal councilman and Irish mother, attempts to navigate his worlds while hobbled by mental issues and staggering contempt for compromise. His storyline weaves amidst those of the volatile Cheer, a self-medicating female inmate prone to reliving her past through her stories; and the hapless Warren during a reluctant hotel stay with a familiar young prostitute, Jasmine. A non-linear and often darkly humorous meditation on familial love, forgiveness, and ultimate redemption.

Hilarious and heartbreaking, “Lord Finn” weaves a rich tapestry that surprises and challenges to the very end.

From the Director

Lord Finn is my feature directing debut, made all the more meaningful by the fact that it’s from my first original feature screenplay. To describe it…imagine unscrewing the end of a kaleidoscope (or chopping it off, if you’re like me) to examine the colorful pieces up close. That’s the story of Lord Finn, a piece borne of desperation. A need to, for whatever reason, wallow in a soup made with ingredients often hard to swallow, and certainly always difficult to keep down, such as: mental illness, substance abuse, childhood trauma, denial.
But the tale is about good things, too: loyalty, friendships, and forgiveness.
It occurs to me that everything I (maybe) know about love is contained in this story. Lord Finn means a lot of things. Or perhaps it doesn’t mean anything, though I hope that the pieces–now back in the kaleidoscope–coalesce to form some measure of beauty.
-Al Mertens, Writer/Director, Lord Finn

Screenplay Awards


“The more normal I try to act, the crazier I feel.”


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