-Can you tell us a little bit about your character in LORD FINN?

Stalling is an incarcerated woman struggling with bi-polar disorder. On and off her meds, at moments the audience will see her as bright and hopeful for her future and at other times completely incapable of self-care and constant sleepiness. For me, Stalling is an example of the vicious cycle of mentally ill inmates who find themselves acting out in society, landing themselves in jail, then back on the streets again without anyone to help….repeat, repeat, repeat. Our mental health and justice system are getting better, but I personally believe we can and should be doing more.

-What have you been working on since LORD FINN wrapped?

The past year, I have been really focused on my acting and physical training. I’ve lost a bit of weight and it feels great! As far as my career, I had a Principal role in a Lifetime movie “If Looks Could Kill”, I landed my first leading role in a local independent Feature, “The Watcher”, and this week I’ll be working on the set of “Wake Up” starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Francesca Eastwood. This role earns me my SAG eligibility so I’m super grateful and excited!

I was also promoted to Chief Operating Officer for Red Dirt Film Festival which was a lot of hard work, but so worth the experience. This position gave me the opportunity to get to know and work with Fritz Kiersch, most well-known for directing the original “Children of the Corn” and “Tuff Turf”, hang out with Oscar Award Winning make-up Artist Matthew Mungle, and meet so many talented Filmmakers from across the U.S. The entire experience reminded me that I can and will achieve my dreams as long as I keep working hard and never give up.

-Where do you see your career leading you in the next year?

Well, this month, I have two roles in a couple of local short films, but I’m planning on working more out of state this summer. I have some things lined up, but you know how these things go…can’t talk about them just yet. I also plan on getting some more behind the camera experience including 1st AD’ing, Directing, and Producing. I have been writing a lot and I’m looking forward to bringing at least one of my screenplays to life this year.

-Sounds like you have a busy year ahead! Congratsand best wishes from everyone on the LORD FINN team!

BTS Photo Credit: Fran Kozakowski