-How was your experience on the set of LORD FINN?

“I enjoyed working on the Lord Film set; it was a collaborative, warm, and fun environment.”

-How would you describe your character?

“I saw Mrs. Finley as a wounded healer, the peacekeeper in a dysfunctional family. She sacrificed her freedom and potential singing career for her family. She loves her son unconditionally, even when his illness is destructive and threatens to tear her family apart. She recognizes her family’s flaws, as well as her own mistakes, and sees the beauty in the mess. In her own words, “…it’s all meant to be, even all the pain”. Mrs. Finley has no choice to but to keep walking through her life, even when the terrain is dark and dangerous.”

-What have you been working on since we wrapped?

“The past year I have had the opportunity to work on several feature films, notably “Strike Dear Mistress and Cure His Heart” and “Arrows of Outrageous Fortune”, directed by Mickey Reece, and “Camp ColdBrooke”, directed by Andy Palmer. I have also worked on other interesting projects with other talented OKC filmmakers, including John Burton, Cate Jones, and Kyle Bergersen. Finally, I continue to train as an actor and storyteller, most recently with the Tectonic Theater Company (Laramie Project) in New York City.”

-That’s awesome, Mary! So great to see our Cast and Crew members continued successes!

BTS Photo Credit: Fran Kozakowski