-Tell us a little about your character in LORD FINN.

“My name is Cheer and I am an addict.” Cheer is a very layered, and complex, individual.
From the moment I first read the sides for Cheer I felt like this role was written for me. I felt the connection wholly. I’m not typically a method actor. But once filming started I didn’t “play” Cheer. I became Cheer. I found I’d done things that Sarahjoy would never (EVER) do. Cheer did them.

-How was this role different than others?

Being Cheer in Lord Finn was definitely my biggest role in a feature film. I’m really excited to see it finalized!

-What has been going in with you and your Acting career since LORD FINN wrapped?

I’ve been nominated twice for Best Supporting Actress in Rack Focus Dallas Film Competition for the short films “From A Scream To A Giggle” and “Haven’t The Heart”. Hilton Moore’s film “From A Scream To A Giggle” has won the Diamond Award in California Film Awards for Best Narrative Short.

-Wow! Congratulations! Keep up the great work!