The average movie goer might not know what the role of a Gaffer is on a Production team, but it is one of the most important positions on a crew. A Gaffer is the Chief Lighting Technician on a film and responsible for working with the Director of Photography to set the overall tone and vision. The LORD FINN team was honored to have Eric in this position.


-What was working on the set of LORD FINN like for you?

“Working on “Lord Finn” was a challenge. Time and budget constraints forced us to push ourselves and to be more creative. But, I feel that we rose to the challenge and grew as filmmakers. I know that I learned a lot during the filming and have taken what I’ve learned and applied them to other films. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve that if not for the help of everyone else. Filmmaking is a team effort and I wouldn’t of been able to do my job without their help.”

-What projects have you worked on since LORD FINN wrapped?

“Since wrapping, I have gaffed the webseries “Modified”, “Thomas the Train” webisodes, and upcoming webisodes of Dreamworks’ “The Trolls”, worked in the Grip department for the feature film “To the Stars”, and worked on a national commercial campaign for Dish Network.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work with the Camera more which is where my true passion lies. I was an AC for the upcoming ABC docu-series “The Last Defense”, 2nd AC on an upcoming special for TurTv’s “Impractical Jokers”, and AC on an upcoming episode of “This is Life with Lisa Ling” which airs on CNN.

I did additional photography for the local PBS show “Art of the Cowboy” and was the Cinematographer on the short films “Preservation”, “The Fisherman”, “Moving on”, “Woman in Red” a segment of the anthology Feature “Mono”, a short doc “12 Years”, the music video “I Like You” by the O Fidelis, the Feature Doc “On Pointe”and the 48 hour short “Dragonfly” which landed me a nomination for Best Cinematography.”

-Wow, Eric, sounds like you’ve been busy! Do you ever sleep? Rumor has it that you have been Directing and Producing as well?

“Ha! True story, not a rumor. Recently I wrote, produced, and directed my own short film which is currently in post-production called “Iapetus” and I Co-Produced and shot BTS for the Feature Film “You People” which will be premiering at DeadCenter Film Fest.

-What do you look forward to next in your career?

“I just want to keep working and continue to grow as a Cinematographer.”

-It sounds like you are already living your dream. Congrats and good luck from all of us at the LORD FINN team!